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The UK government is committed to tackling the illegal wildlife trade. The Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund provides financial support to practical projects around the world which are:

  • reducing demand for IWT products
  • ensuring effective legal frameworks and deterrents
  • strengthening law enforcement
  • developing sustainable livelihoods to benefit people directly affected by IWT

The illegal wildlife trade is a criminal industry worth more than £17 billion each year threatening both wildlife and people.

To date, the IWT Challenge Fund has supported 136 projects in over 60 countries to a value of over £43 million.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For further information on the related funds, the Darwin Initiative and Darwin Plus working in the UK Overseas Territories, please follow the links provided below:

IWT Advisory Group membership

The IWT Advisory Group is one of the Biodiversity Challenge Funds Expert Groups. There are a number of documents which support the functioning of these Expert Groups – these can be found on the page “Resources for Expert Group Members“.

John E. Scanlon (Chair) – Elephant Protection Initiative Foundation

UK Government policy advisers from:

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

Members with IWT knowledge or experience:

Amy Hinsley – University of Oxford

Carly Cowell – Botanic Gardens Conservation International

Christian Plowman – Cops Without Borders

Dilys Roe – International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

Jonathan Barzdo – Independent

Jules McAlpine – Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC)

Mary Rice – Environment Investigation Agency (EIA)

Naomi Doak – Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS Asia)

Rebecca Drury – Chronos Sustainability

Sheldon Jordan – Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service

Steven Broad – Independent

UK Border Force Representatives

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