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IWT Challenge Fund Advisory Group


The Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) Challenge Fund Advisory Group is one of the Biodiversity Challenge Funds Advisory Groups, and further information for these groups can be found on the Resources for Advisory Group Members page.

The IWT Advisory Group consists of a range of experts from our government, academia, law enforcement and the private sector advising Defra on the development of the initiative, reviewing applications and making technical recommendations.



  • John E. Scanlon | Elephant Protection Initiative Foundation


Members with IWT knowledge or experience 

  • Amy Hinsley | University of Oxford
  • Carly Cowell | Botanic Gardens Conservation International
  • Christian Plowman | Cops Without Borders
  • Justin Gosling | Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)
  • Kumar Paudel | Greenhood Nepal
  • Mary Rice | Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)
  • Naomi Doak | Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Paul Harrison | Kilimanyika Consulting Group / Nature Investment Group
  • Rebecca Drury | Chronos Sustainability
  • Rob Small | Fauna and Flora 
  • Sheldon Jordan | Independent
  • Steven Broad | Independent
  • Yolan Friedman | Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT)


EX-officio members

  • UK Border Force Representatives
  • Jules McAlpine | Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC)