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Home page

Cris Hagen (IWT023, Burma – Big-headed turtle emerging from its shell)

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About Us

Fernando Carniel Machado, World Animal Protection March 2017 (IWT007, Peru – Caiman head intended for commercial sale)

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APOPO (IWT039, Tanzania – Young African giant pouched rat pre-training)

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Fernando Carniel Machado, World Animal Protection March 2017 (IWT007, Peru – A sloth claw and Common boa heads on sale)

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Amanda Harwood (IWT094, Malawi – LWT Veterinary Nurse Auze Polela with a young pangolin at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre)

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Paudel, Greenhood Nepal (IWT083, Nepal – P. praecox flower)

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How to Apply

Planet Indonesia (IWT077, Indonesia – A hill myna displayed outside a home in Western Borneo)

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Robin Bruyns (IWT062, Cameroon – The Dja river, surrounding the DBR)

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Bashyal (IWT083, Nepal – Orchid traders displaying freshly-harvested tubers of Dactylorhiza hatagirea (star-shaped) & Satyrium nepalense (round))

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ZSL (IWT041, Nepal – Western Terai Complex landscape)

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About us

Durant (11-007, Tanzania – Cheetahs)

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Contact us

Chris Scarffe (IWT074, Madagascar – Ploughshare tortoise (Astrochelys yniphora))


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Change Request

Durant (11-007, Tanzania – Cheetahs)

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Finance and Guidance

FFI (IWT065, Liberia – Migrating elephants back safely to their habitat)

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Terms and Conditions

Chris Scarffe (IWT074, Madagascar – Adult ploughshare tortoise in protection programme)

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Fanny Djomkam (IWT062, Cameroon - Chilli production at Biba 2 village)

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Workshops and Webinars

Mustapha Nsubuga (IWT029, Uganda – Rangers using SMART on patrol in Queen Elizabeth National Park)

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Information Notes

Planet Indonesia (IWT077, Indonesia – Biodiversity team member monitoring the Helmeted hornbill nest)

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Project Publicity

Julia Baker (IWT060, Uganda – Uganda Wildlife Authority Community Conservation Wardens in training on community engagement skills)

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Advisory Group

ZSL (IWT041, Nepal – Tiger Clicked in Bardia National Park)

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Justin Grubb (IWT077, Indonesia – Community-led SMART patrol in Gunung Nyiut, Indonesia)

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Araluen Schunmann (IWT094, Malawi - A pangolin being rehabilitated at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre in Malawi)

23 - Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning panel image:

Andrew Taylor (IWTEV011, South Africa - Unidentified succulent in the Klein Karoo)

24 - Gender Equality and Social Inclusion panel image:

RENCTAS (IWTEV017, Brazil - Illegal Advert For Macaw Sales On Brazilian Internet)

25 - Safeguarding panel image:

WCS Nigeria (IWT084, Nigeria - Camera Trap Photo Of Nigeria Cameroon Chimpanzees)



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Burrard-Lucas (IWT010, Kenya - The new pipeline has ensured supply of water for this rhino population)