Combatting poaching of Critically Endangered fish
Optimising genetic methods to distinguish wild sturgeon from farm reared - a crucial step towards understanding illegal trade in Georgia.
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Food sustainability: Word from the BCFs
Explore the crucial intersection of food, biodiversity, and livelihoods in the inaugural Biodiversity Challenge Funds newsletter.
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The battle against jaguar trafficking
A setback leads to important policy changes for the Bolivian police in the fight against jaguar trafficking, by using online advert platforms to combat IWT.
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Safe spaces for Karoo succulents
In the Succulent Karoo Biome, illegal succulent poaching threatens unique plant species, prompting a 'Safe Space' model for sustainable livelihoods.
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Workshop2 Credit Naila Bhatri, Conservation Litigation.Org
Green wave of lawsuits to protect biodiversity
Lawyers, conservationists, scientists, and economists begin precedent-setting cases as part of a wave of biodiversity litigation seeking justice for nature.
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Shark fins and tails
Mitigating illegal trade in sharks and rays
Enforcing trade controls through visual and genetic tools, contributing to fisheries' sustainability and reducing IWT of shark and ray populations.
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Brazil 2. Illegal Advert For Macaw Sales On Brazilian Internet
Online surveillance of wildlife traffickers
RENCTAS tackles online wildlife trafficking, monitoring illegal activities, aiding law enforcement, and collaborating internationally.
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Peru Workshop Participants Ester Mora
How journalists protect Amazonian wildlife
Building the evidence needed to design an innovative behaviour change campaign to promote investigative journalism on IWT in Peru.
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Protecting birds and Indigenous featherwork
Empowering Indigenous communities to continue their featherwork tradition using artificial feathers, combatting IWT and promoting social justice.
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Utilising informed conservation initiatives
Exploring locally acceptable solutions to IWT and addressing the complex interplay of poverty, tradition, and environmental conservation challenges.
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Enhancing livelihoods in Zimbabwe
Dingani Masuku shares his journey combating human-wildlife conflict and supporting livelihoods in the Savé Valley Conservancy.
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